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I woke up to these beauties last Wednesday in the nook. Note: neither of them live in our actual apartment. I love it. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

The communal lifestyle definitely softens the end-of-semester brutality of college. I look forward to similar mornings this upcoming week as the Dum scrambles to turn in all our papers, projects, and scenes. (Can you “turn in” a scene?)

Also, can we all appreciate the loveliness of the Scott McDonald mug that Merrill is using for her caffeine? Coffee+Old Scott Headshot=Morning Bliss.


The Unwanted Houseguest: Dum Van Winkle

So this is the text I woke up to on Saturday morning. You can imagine why I bolted out of bed and immediately ran to Caitlin’s room. Of course, nobody was there at that point. As I tiptoed back to my bedroom, befuddled, I wondered two things:

1. What the heck happened?

2. How did I sleep through it all?

According to Maddie, a random college boy lumbered into our apartment the night before. The belligerent individual proceeded to climb into Caitlin’s bed, snuggle up with her pillows and blankets, and fall into a deep sleep.

Of course, when Caitlin got home she was startled and tried, with Maddie and Mark’s help, to wake the sucker up to no avail. Eventually, his friends started looking for him and realized what he did and were also trying to wake him up. No luck. Finally, Caitlin had no choice but to call the police, who eventually woke him up and sent him home.

Nobody pressed charges, but the jarring experience definitely shook all involved.

The only up-side was the earnest note the intruder left the morning after. He apologized sincerely for the disturbance. I almost felt sorry for him. I mean, I didn’t wake up either.

The Creepy Brown Toilet Water

This is one of the downsides of living in a pre-war apartment:

This is the “creepy brown toilet water” that Maddie talks about on a weekly basis. It’s a serious problem. According to Maddie the brown liquid is leaking from the apartment above us. Also, she thought that Aly was emptying the container regularly. But, ALAS, the liquid is actually evaporating so now the toilet brown water is floating through the air.

Yeah. It’s pretty gross.

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The ABC’s of NYC (dumstyle):

A.unts in Jersey are the best hostesses for midwestern gals.

B.rooklyn’s got a pretty solid bar scene – and helpful residents when you take the wrong train!

C.entral Park is the best place to overhear foreign languages while sunbathing.

D.eath of a Salesman takes my love for Mike Nichols to a whole new level.

E.lena Roger as Evita makes me cry for Argentina.

F.igure skating at Rockafeller center would be a great afternoon activity when I move back.

G.round Zero is a little unreal to see for the first time.

H.arlem solo performances are great for rainy Saturdays!

I.ndian food at Punjak Tasha was nice – especially getting to know the journalism grad from India.

J.ersey was the perfect place to begin and end a perfect week in the east.

K.ings of NYC we were.

L.ox and bagels is my new favorite breakfast.

M.oMA + Cindy Sherman = Awesome

N.YU has a killer breakfast buffet. Go for the education – stay for the food.

O.k. This city rocks.

P.eople in New York are friendlier than I expected – just ask the guy next to me at Evita!

Q.ueens is not too far for free margaritas and catching up with graduated Mizzou friends.

R.icky Martin can sing and dance – but acting isn’t exactly his forte. Evita still rocked, though.

S.kyline Hotel doesn’t have the… best skyline.

T.out va bien took me back to Paris. Excellent french food – and the service was tres bien.

U.ptown or Downtown? I got lost on the subways a lot.

V.eggie burgers from Bark satisfy the hungriest vegetarians.

W.eeds star Hunter Parrish SPOTTED at a tasty thai restaurant in Midtown.

seX. museum was not worth the trip – we stopped at the gift shop and turned around.

Y.uppies live on the island. Hipsters are in Williamsburg.

Z.illions of people live in the city. I want to be one of them.

The Dum Breaks NYC


  • Flight: St. Louis to Newark
  • New Jersey with Alyson’s Family
  • White Russian Shots with Alyson’s Uncle


  • Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson
  • Check In – Skyline Hotel (without the skyline)
  • NYU Breakfast with my brother & co (So weird to see my brother in NYC for the first time in 3 months!)
  • MoMA (I cried at the Cindy Sherman exhibit. Also I was pleasantly surprised to see some of Kahlo’s stuff!)
  • Sushi with Elijah, Katie, Stacey, Roze, Aly, Caitlin
  • Meatpacking district



  • H&M
  • Burgers (Tuna for me)
  • Zara (Cathedral)
  • Bryant Park
  • Tout Va Bien French Restaurant (Onion Soup)


  • Starbucks (Times Square)
  • Rush Tix for EVITA!
  • Times Square
  • Forever 21
  • The Drama Book Shop
  • Alice’s Teacup
  • Central Park
  • NY Public Library
  • MET (Stein Collection was incredible)
  • Empanada Mama (Tuna & Jalepeno Empanadas)
  • Evita (Don’t cry for me…)
  • View Bar (not worth the $$)


  • Work
  • Wandering in Chelsea
  • Salvation Army
  • Gallery District (Tonkonow, etc)
  • Highline
  • Ground Zero
  • Wall Street
  • Canal Street
  • Indian Food (manager studied journalism in India)
  • Death of a Salesman


  • Housingworks Bookstore Cafe & Thrift Store
  • Finally got a new phone!
  • Ice Cream
  • Tried for Colbert…
  • Bark and Bars in Brooklyn


  • Donuts
  • Priya meet
  • SOHO
  • Enchiladas in Astoria with Manasa & CO
  • Waldorf


  • Harlem (Solo Performance & a glance at the Apollo)
  • 9$ Beer at the Waldorf
  • Drinks in Jersey


  • Newark to Chicago, Chicago to St. Louis, St. Louis to CoMO


Meager Resources


Maddie is wondering how long we can live off of one Diet Coke and trail mix… #dumergency



Photo by @caitlinreader via Instagram

Dumergency: Mystery Stinks!

There’s a mystery smell in #200. 

This is not a drill. 


We called Ameren and they encouraged us to evacuate the building. 

We took refuge in Corner Playhouse. 


We are wondering who we will eat first. 

Resources are scarce.


We decided we would eat Mark first because none of us would win if it was down to two. However, without more men I’m not sure how we would repopulate the Dum… 

A fart machine has made it to The DUM.



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Meet Maddie’s Boyfriend!

This is Maddie’s Boyfriend. Isn’t he handsome?

Maddie’s Boyfriend is a guest star of THE DUM. He lets us watch Law and Order on his computer and lets us know which Broadway stars will be playing rapists. He is really eager to be a star on THE DUMBLOG so this is his big day!

The last thing Maddie’s Boyfriend put in his mouth is peanut butter and jelly.

The last thing Maddie’s Boyfriend said was, “So a ten-year-old fat kid is going to be sent to jail for life on my birthday?”

I think that really says it all.

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